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About Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park is one of the premier theme parks for both adults and children located on the southern side of Hong Kong. With many activities such as thrilling rides, educational events, and a cable car from where you can witness amazing views, there are activities for everyone to love. This is also one of the best places if you love adventure activities, there are many roller coasters and rides such as Raging river and hair raiser which will increase your adrenaline rush.If you and your friends love wildlife, there are many animals you can watch here such as Penguins, Polar bears, snow owls, spotted seals, Pacific Walruses, and arctic foxes. Head over to the Grand aquarium to enjoy a multi-sensory journey and look at over 5000 fishes from 400 species. You can meet marine animals such as hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and Napoleon Wrasse. The Ocean park is also home to many Asian animals such as the rare giant panda and red panda. Visit the wildlife interactive zone and the aquatic zone where you can watch many shows and come face to face with these animals.

Book Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets Online

One of the best ways to enjoy a complete day of hassle-free vacation is to book the tickets online. There are many types of variants and you can buy them based on your preference. You can choose and book the tickets from the comfort of your home, which will save you a lot of time from standing in the long queue.

Why To Book Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets Online?

Skip the Line Tickets: Book the Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets online in advance which will help you save plenty of time as you can skip the line and get access to the Ocean Park easily. You don't have to wait in a long queue to get your ticket and beat the heat.

Convenience: If you choose to book the Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets online, you will save a lot of your time standing in long queues and get an instant booking from the comfort of your home. You don't have to worry about the last-minute rush and one can also have a chance to grab more offers and discounts online. Another benefit of booking the Ocean Park Hong Kong Online tickets is that you can go through all the types of tickets beforehand and make an informed decision.

Early Access: The Ocean Park is one of the most famous attractions in Hong Kong and you will always find a lot of tourists waiting in line to get inside. Booking the Ocean Park Hong Kong online tickets will help you get early access to the theme park.

Packages for Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

General Ticket

The general ticket is a one-day Ocean Park Hong Kong ticket. You can visit Ocean Park on the day you have purchased the ticket and have all the fun. Enjoy all the rides at the thrilling mountain and also all of the water games, and get close to the numerous animals and attractions. These tickets include all the facilities except the skill games and the coin-operated games at the theme park

InFunity Pass

One of the best passes if you are looking to spend your summer in Hong Kong. The inFunity Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets will give you access to the theme park many times during its validity. Unlimited access to Ocean Park during its operating hours on Park. Please note that the theme park doesn't open on tuesdays. You can have unlimited fun at the park and enjoy all of the thrilling rides and attractions.

Ocean FasTrack

If you are looking to have priority access to designated rides and attractions, this is the ticket for you. As the theme park attracts a lot of visitors every year, you will find many people at the park and these tickets will give you priority access to rides such as Cable Car (Single Trip), Ocean Express (Single Trip), Merry-Go-Round, and The Grand Aquarium at the waterfront. You can also have priority access to rides at the summit such as Cable Car (Single Trip), Ocean Express (Single Trip), Arctic Blast, Ferris Wheel, Hair Raiser, Ocean Park Tower, Shark Mystique, South Pole Spectacular, The Rapids and the Wild Twister.

Ocean Park VIP Premium Tour

You can enjoy a premium VIP experience and direct access to all of the attractions and a customized itinerary tailored just for you with the Ocean Park VIP Premium Tour. There will be a host who will accompany you throughout the theme park and help you get direct access to the rides and help you get close to the animals in an exclusive interaction session.

Highlights of Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

  1. Head over to one of the largest theme parks in Southeast Asia and enjoy many thrilling rides and water activities with your complete family.
  2. Go on the ocean express where you can get a chance to ride with creatures of the deep who will make surprise appearances throughout the ride.
  3. Head over to The Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure to learn more about Africa's wildlife and meet many adorable and energetic meerkats.
  4. You can head over to the Explorer R experience hub to experience a new interactive technology where you can complete challenges with your friends.
  5. Herd over to the thrill mountain and enjoy many thrilling rides such as the hair raiser, the flash, wild twister, arctic blast, and the rapids among many others.
  6. If you love animals, do not forget to visit the animals such as dolphins, sea lions, giant pandas, and giant tortoises among many others.
  7. You can also visit the Grand aquarium where you can see many marine animals.Get an amazing panoramic view of the city while riding the cable car and then take a walk at the old Hong Kong street and take amazing pictures.

FAQs For Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

How much is the Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets price?

The Ocean Park Hong Kong online tickets are approx. HKD 200 for children and HKD 400 for adults. You can get various discounts and deals if you book online, which will save you time and money both at once.

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Are Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets refundable?

No, the Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets are not refundable and are non -transferable. You cannot exchange the tickets for a different day as well.

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Is outside food and drinks allowed in Ocean Park Hong Kong?

Ocean Park does not allow outside food within the premises. There are many food stalls and restaurants at the waterfront and the summit where you can enjoy a lovely meal.

Are stay facilities available in Ocean Park Hong Kong?

Yes, there are many hotels in Ocean Park Hong Kong where you can stay over the weekend and enjoy a full family vacation.

What is Ocean Park Hong Kong famous for?

Ocean Park is an amazing theme park to go with your family and is filled with thrilling rides and attractions. There are many water rides you can enjoy and also many animal encounters where you can meet animals such as meerkats, dolphins, elephants, and also giant pandas.

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What all are included in the Ocean Park Hong Kong admission tickets?

The Ocean Park Hong Kong tickets will give you access to both the zones, the summit, and the waterfront, and enjoy all of the thrilling rides and attractions. You can also get close to animals and interact with animals such as Dolphins, Tortoises, Meerkats, and also Giant pandas.


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