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Animals In Ocean Park Hong Kong

Serving as a center of recreation, conservation, and education, Ocean Park Hong Kong is much more than a traditional amusement park. Animal Encounters in Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the prime attractions of this place. Visitors can tour the different enclosures of the park and see the various animals sheltered there.The exciting Ocean Park Animals Encounters take you on an unforgettable tour to meet a wide variety of fascinating land and sea dwelling creatures, including penguins, dolphins, pandas, sea lions, walruses, coral fish, meerkats, and tortoises, to name a few. Visitors can not only meet the animals up close and make friends with them, but they can also feed them out of their own hands! They can even learn about the lives and habitat of these creatures from the animal caretakers present at each enclosure. Not only this, but they can also get an insight of the protection and conservation measures taken for these animals.The Ocean Park Animals Encounters program is an excellent attraction for people of all age groups, especially animal lovers and visitors who are not a big fan of the rides here. It is also a very enjoyable and educational program for young children.

Penguin Encounter & Feeding

One of the most fascinating Ocean Park animals encounters is the encounter with the cute little penguins. The species of penguins you can spot here include gentoo penguins, king penguins, and southern rockhoppers. You will get the opportunity to learn about their life and assist in feeding them. You can also watch the animal caretakers doing their daily chores in taking care of the penguins.

Dolphin Encounter

It will be a sin if you are going for Animal Encounters in Ocean Park Hong Kong and not meeting the super friendly dolphins. You can get into the water and meet the dolphins up close. You can also give these beautiful animals a hug and feed them, creating an unforgettable, unique memory.

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Honorary Panda Keeper

Play the role of an honorary panda keeper and get into the enclosure of the pandas to have a life-time worth of meet and greet session with these lovable animals. You will learn about the lives of these intelligent creatures and hear funny stories about them from the caretakers. You will also get to see what goes into taking care of them on a daily basis.

Meet The Little Meerkat

One of the best Ocean Park Animals Encounters for kids is an encounter with the Little Meerkats at the African corner. You can catch a glimpse of their poses and try feeding the lovely Meerkat family a tasty meal just like a caretaker.

Meet the Giant Panda

If you are a Panda lover, you can go see the Giant Panda at Amazing Asian Animals. The animal caretakers will take you to the panda facilities, where you can see these fascinating animals up close. You can also treat them to a delicious meal out of your own hands.

Meet The Sea Lion & Feeding

If you love marine animals, meeting the sea lions will be one of your favorite Animal Encounters in Ocean Park Hong Kong. You can meet these animals up close and watch the detailed husbandry demonstrations as well. You can also touch the bodies of these creatures and help the caretakers in feeding them.

Meet the Walrus

Don’t be intimidated by their huge size; these pacific walruses are extremely easy-going and super friendly. You can see these superstars up close and touch their giant bodies. The animal caretakers present there will also tell you what goes into taking care of these creatures on a daily basis and give you a chance to feed them.

Giant Tortoise Feeding

Head to the home of the Aldabra Giant Tortoises and spend some memorable time with the largest tortoises of the world. You can interact with the animal caretakers present there and learn some funny stories about these tortoises. You can also feed these adorable creatures an appetizing meal firsthand.

Coral Fish Feeding

Your Ocean Park Animals Encounters will remain incomplete if you miss out on feeding the adorable coral fishes at Aqua City. Once you sprinkle some food into the water, they will swim up to the surface and you can watch them up close. During your encounter, you will also get the opportunity to learn about coral conservation from the animal caretakers.

Feed The Seals

Visit the seals at the North Pole Encounter and you will fall in love with the round bodies and adorable large eyes of these beautiful creatures. During your encounter, you will get a chance to learn about their lives and habitat. You can also enjoy feeding them with the animal caretakers.

FAQs For Ocean Park Animals Encounters

What animals can we see in Ocean Park?

During your Animal Encounters in Ocean Park Hong Kong, you will get the opportunity to see a plethora of distinct animals including the Giant Panda, Red Pandas, Penguins, Arctic Fox, Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey, and Snowy Owl. You can also see a host of marine animals including Dolphins, Sea Lions, Seals, Walruses, and Sharks.

How old is the oldest panda?

The Ocean Park Hong Kong housed the world’s oldest Giant Panda, named An An, who is 35 years old, equivalent to 105 years in case of humans. However, An An was ill and breathed his last in July 2022. He is survived by two more Giant Pandas, Ying Ying and Le Le.

Does Ocean Park have dolphins?

Yes, the Ocean Park in Hong Kong is home to many beautiful and friendly dolphins. Visitors can see these dolphins up close, touch their back, and feed them a tasty meal. They can also learn about what goes into taking care of them from the animal caretakers present there.

What is special about Ocean Park?

One of the top specialties of the Ocean Park Hong Kong is that it serves as a center of amusement, conservation, and education. Other unique specialties of this park include its Grand Aquarium, which is home to more than 5,000 fish, its stunning water, light, & sound show, and its enjoyable animal encounters.

What are the best rides to try at Ocean Park?

  • Hair Raiser - This is a super thrilling ride for the ultimate adrenaline junkies! The Hair Raiser keeps you suspended above the South China Sea, while swinging you around a gigantic 4G.
  • Arctic Blast - Arctic Blast lets you enjoy a fun-filled ride across the snowclad landscape of the Ocean Park. While you ride with your family, you can also capture some stunning pictures against the beautiful polar backdrop.
  • Crazy Galleon - The Crazy Galleon is a thrilling version of a swinging ship. Be seated firmly grabbing both the ends of your seat and feel the unfathomable adrenaline rush as the ship descends.
  • Rev Booster - This candy-colored, circus-themed ride is for the young as well as the old. The Rev Booster moves in an orbital motion through three levels, while also moving to and fro. This ride will make you tap your feet simultaneously as you sway up & down.

What are the best things to do at Ocean Park?

Explore the Grand Aquarium:Visit the 5.2 million liter Grand Aquarium and get a chance to meet a plethora of fascinating marine creatures. Spot a colorful school of over 5,000 fish, including manta rays, Napoleon Wrasse, and hammerhead sharks.Meet Pandas at Giant Panda Adventure:Go meet the cute little pandas at the Giant Panda Adventure and learn about these fascinating animals. Spot different species of Pandas, including Giant Panda, Red Panda, and Giant Salamander.Visit Adventures in Australia:Take a tour of Adventures in Australia and check out various Australian animals including kookaburras, wallabies, and koalas. During your tour, you can also feed these animals and learn about their lives.Enjoy The Thrilling Rides:Enjoy the super fun and thrilling rides, irrespective of your age group. You can access a myriad of easy-going and adrenaline-pumping rides including Hair Raiser, Abyss, Rev Booster, Crazy Galleon, and Arctic Blast.

Which are some of the best animal shows at Ocean Park that we can see?

  • Ocean Theatre - This spectacular Ocean Theatre program lets you experience the ocean come magically alive. You will gaze in awe as you can see the jaw-dropping ocean setting and meet the fascinating sea animals.
  • Amazing Bird Theatre - If you are an avid bird lover, you will undoubtedly love the Amazing Bird Theatre program. This special program will give you the opportunity to see 10 predator birds and other species up close.
  • Whister’s Theatre - The awe-inspiring Whister’s Theatre program is a kids-friendly show, where they will be mesmerized to see the beautiful marine creatures.
  • Sea Lion Show - The amazing sea lion show lets you see the fascinating sea lions up close. You can also enjoy watching the training sessions of the sea lions and learn the ways in which these animals can be protected and preserved.

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